Designs can be uploaded with a white background. We will remove the background and cut the patches to any obvious shape or border. The patch width (as shown in the average size graphic) will be the width of the actual patch, after a background is removed. If the border is not obvious, we may fail to make them the shape you want. Please email us after placing the order if you are concerned about this to clarify the shape.

We can cut patches to most simple shapes. From standard shapes such as circles and rectangles, to custom simple shapes such as shields and octagons. We can manufacture most shapes without any extra cost or prior approval. Complex shapes (such as a shield with a banner) should be approved prior to ordering (they may be impossible, require simplifying or cost extra, depending on the complexity of the shape.) To avoid delays you should email us prior to ordering complicated custom shape for these reasons.


No changes will be made to your design, even if you request it after ordering patches. Two different people answer emails and setup designs for manufacture. Often a design will enter manufacture before your email requesting changes is even seen, even if you email us right after placing your order. For this reason you need to upload a design that is ready to enter manufacture as soon as you checkout.

Patches will be manufactured identical to the design you upload here ( however, we will cut the patch to any obvious custom shape/border). If you need anything in the design changed, from having it cleaned up/higher quality, color alterations, cropped, text added, etc, please request graphic design changes here. Simple changes are free! HOWEVER ALL GRAPHIC DESIGN CHANGES MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO ORDERING PATCHES ON THIS PAGE (via the order form below). Patches will be made identical to the design you upload.

If you request design changes after placing your order and it has already entered manufacture before the email is seen, we may charge an order change fee ($5-$25, depending on order size) to re-enter the order into manufacture with the correct design. If it had not already entered manufacture, we will not charge the fee, but it most likely will have. Most patches enter manufacture immediately after they are ordered, it's how we maintain a quick and consistent turnaround time.
Add a mutiny shop car decal to your order for free. You have to add the decal to your order to receive it. Click here to add it to your order now!


Ordering Tips

Please read if first time ordering!

Average size is calculated by taking the height plus the width and dividing it by two. 3 For example:

Patch dimension: 2" X 3"
2"+3" = 5"
6"/ 2" = 2.5"
The average size is 2.5"

Average size less than 3" = 3 Inch Average Size.
Average size between 3" - 3.5" = 3.5 Inch Average Size.
Average size between 3.5" - 4" = 4 Inch Average size.

If you request patches larger than the average size selected we will contact you to pay the extra cost to make the patches larger. This can delay your order several days, please select the correct average size!


Exact Patch Width enter how wide you want the patch(es) to be in inches. The height will be made at an exact ratio to the width.
We will not crop or otherwise alter the dimensions of your patch, the ratio will be kept the same. If you need this adjusted please use our custom design services. (Don't worry, if your patch is on background we will cut it to the border).

All patches come standard with hook backing (
the hard side). You can add the soft side. We no longer cut it to the shape of the patch for you (unless it is a perfect circle), instead we will just send you the same number of inches of the soft side for the number of patches you order. The soft side can be sewn onto a garment, gear or other item, to allow for easy attachment of your patch.

Additional Cost Per Patch this is used to modify the price per specialty patches. Please ignore if you have a standard patch. However, if you have a very custom shape patch or wish to use a specialty material, we may have you use this field to allow you to order the patch instantly online. Please email us if you think your design will cost extra and we will let you know if you need to use this price modifier while checking out.
Design Title or Description Optional: enter a design title or description. Helps you keep track of what designs have already been ordered if ordering multiple designs. Use to verify your order is correct before checking out.

Upload File almost all file types are accepted included but not limited to: JPG, PNG, SVG, AI, PSD, etc. Your file will not be converted and the final patch will be identical to the image you uploaded here.

PREFERRED FILE TYPE: JPG 300 DPI RGB. We sometimes have difficulty opening other file types, uploading a jpg ensures that your order will not be delayed.

If you upload a vector file please convert all text to outlines!

Artwork must be ready for production! If your artwork needs to be cleaned up or otherwise changed, please see graphic designs services. DO NOT upload artwork that isn't 100% ready to be made!!! Order graphic design services. We will change nothing in the design, even if you just want it changed from a square to a contour cut.

Learn more about how much shipping will cost and how long it will take. Shipping cost will also estimate before you checkout. We have a delivery guarantee that your order will make it into your hand undamaged. If not we will replace it free of charge! Learn more here.

Color Accuracy

Unlike embroidery or 3D PVC, vinyl patches are not limited to a color library. Patches have unlimited color and any color can be used. Under regular orders the color accuracy is very high. There can be a very minor color change when the patches are heat pressed, due to chemical changes in the dyes. However, these changes are usually not noticeable and the patches will still look great.

For regular orders patches are guaranteed 90% accurate (very close or the same as the designs colors). For 100% color accuracy, please email us before placing your order. We will manufacture a sample patch of your design and email a photo to you. If approved, you can order patches. If you want the colors adjusted we will make the adjustments and another sample patch. We will do this until you are satisfied with the colors. This is a $5 fee so unless you are really concerned with color accuracy, you don't need to use this service.

Usually this is only necessary for police or miltiary which are subjected to strict color requirements. For everyone else, color changes are not noticeable. This service includes up to four patch samples, additional patch samples may cost extra at the designers discretion.

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