Some of our favorite completed orders. Want to be in the hall of fame? Be sure to give us permission to take a picture of your finished patches when you check out. We will only use the picture for marketing purposes and will never sell your design to another team. Wondering why your patch didn't make it? It doesn't mean your design was bad! Sometimes we don't have enough time to get pictures of patches when it's time to ship.
Glow in the Dark, IR, metallic Custom PVC patches.
Order text only specialty material patches instantly online (here)! Email us to order custom artwork/logo specialty material patches.

Specialty materials can be used in your patch order for an added awesome and unique effect.

Commonly used materials include: Carbon Fiber (replica IR), Silver & Gold, and Reflective. These materials react to light like their real world counterparts and have a 2D texture. We also have Glow in The Dark which is white under normal lighting but glows green in darkness.

Custom artwork/logo patches can sometimes be made with specialty materials if you meet certain conditions. The artwork must be solid colors and shapes, with limited intricate detail. The detail must be broad and solid. Text is more limited by font type and size. You are also limited to no more then 3 colors, while 2 is optimal and additional colors do cost extra. Specialty materials should be used with "logo" type artwork, while drawings and colorful work are nearly impossible to use the material.

To order specialty material patches you must email us for approval first. If it looks possible to do with your artwork, we will work with you to setup your artwork for production. This setup might cost extra depending on if you have vector files or not. Otherwise we will refer you to order standard vinyl patches. Standard vinyl patches have unlimited color and detail capabilities, as well as no file requirement. While specialty vinyl patches are much more limited and require vector (illustrator) art.

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